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Create Once, Publish Everywhere – Reusing museum collection content

Creating and managing information relating to museum collections was historically a mostly internal process. Museums are now finding new opportunities to share information about their collections and need to find ways to encourage and streamline the reuse of this content. This post is the result of my presentation at the Museums Australia conference in May. […]

Online collection sites from 2012

Museum collections hold objects that are interesting because of their connections to periods, places and people. Traditionally online museum collections have been a place to present the known authoritative records for the objects. The last year has seen many organisations move beyond using the web as an online collection brochure. Providing museum audiences with new […]

Picking apart the alpha Cooper-Hewitt online collection

Cooper-Hewitt is USA’s National Design Museum in New York. They recently launched the alpha version of their new online collection site. Over the last few weeks I have found myself returning to it again and again because of a number of unusual features. In part this is because I’m a museum techie and I’m curious […]

What can we learn from Amazon when putting museum collections online?

Museums aren’t the only organisations that have large collections. When thinking about ways to present collections online it’s always worth looking further afield. How do other industries do the same job? Libraries and archives often have better structured data and can be a step ahead in providing a range of ways to access the information. […]

The Museum of Duplicate Things

I have to admit to being a collector. I also have to admit that my collecting policies are far from robust. We were recently donated an old bookcase. Rather than giving me space to put up some new books, this bookcase merely gave me room to unpack a set previously stored in a box. I […]

Dinosaur or not?

Pit your knowledge of dinosaurs against my five year old son. He loves dinosaurs and has taken to making up pseudo-Latin names for the toys that aren’t real dinosaurs. Can you guess which are dinosaurs and which are not? First up in the Dinosaurs or Not? quiz (1 of 12): Is “Saichania” a dinosaur? Yes, […]

In the beginning

I’m interested in the use of web-based systems within museums and increasing public access to museum collection information. I plan to write the occasional post on museums, their collections and the web.

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